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Gigabits that go where no-one else can.

Benefit from our fibre optic network products.

Our unique portfolio of infrastructure products


Strengthen and expand your networks and fill in the gaps. Or become a network operator yourself and offer your own services. It's easy and cost-effective with Deutsche Bahn's fibre optic network. We offer you dark fibre along the rail network and are adding new complementary products to our portfolio all the time.

Dark fibre

Our dark fibre offers you point-to-point fibre optic connections between two handover points. You rent interconnected fibre pairs (at least two fibres).

Our connection options

We currently offer two connection options.

In both options, the handover point is at the boundary of railway-owned property, usually five to ten metres either side of the railway track. If required, we use existing track crossings or design new track crossings as customised solutions. In addition, we use a customer-supplied system technology on railway ground at our repeater locations every 80 km for stable data transmission.

The handover point uses an existing DB splice closure. These closures are located approximately every 2,000 metres along the network.

The handover point is situated between two closures at a location chosen by the customer.

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Installation time

Individual connections are available 14 to 20 weeks after ordering. For larger projects, we will agree a deadline with you individually.

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Technical details

Our fibre optic cables are made to the ITU-T industry standard. Handover to the customer is via an E-2000/APC connector.

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Complementary products

Deutsche Bahn owns a wide variety of infrastructure: 33,4000 km of railway track, 2,891 stations with fibre optic connections, 3,800 mobile phone masts and extensive usable land.

We are expanding our service offering beyond dark fibre and will roll out a range of complementary products in the future.

Please contact us if you are interested in additional products. We can already help you with custom solutions today.

Our promise to you

  • max. 60 minutes response time after a fault is reported

  • ≤ 24 hours to repair a fault

  • ≥ 99,5 % availability of each fibre pair per operating year

  • 365 days a year 24/7 fault reporting

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