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FAQ about DB broadband

Do you have further questions about DB broadband? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Who is DB broadband?

DB broadband is a 100% subsidiary of DB Netz AG and markets free capacities from the fibre optic network of Deutsche Bahn (DB).
In addition to fibre-optic marketing as its core business, DB broadband also acts as a single point of contact for external enquiries relating to DB's telecommunications infrastructure.

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What is the business purpose of DB broadband?

With the expansion of the fibre-optic network for railway purposes along the railway lines, DB is ensuring the digitisation of the railways. This results in potential for fibre connectivity in Germany. Free fibre capacities can be made available to the telecommunications industry.
In order to be able to offer the market a single point of contact, DB broadband GmbH was founded in November 2019 in a close coordination process between DB and the federal government.

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What are the services/products of DB broadband?

n the fibre optic cables along DB's rail network, there is residual capacity in the form of individual fibre pairs that are not required for railway operations. DB broadband offers these free dark fibre pairs to third parties for lease.
Complementary products such as illuminated fibre pairs, the shared use of GSM-R masts, the shared use of extensive open spaces along the rail network (with fibre-optic and power connections if required) and co-location, i.e. the shared use of telecommunications premises, are gradually being prepared for expansion of the portfolio.

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How can DB broadband support the reduction of investments for fibre roll-out to remote regions?

DB's fibre optic network already covers more than 20,000 km. Because it is located along the railway lines, it offers numerous municipalities and commercial areas in rural regions in particular the opportunity for fibre-optic access, in some cases even exclusively.
Network operators are offered considerable savings potential for further network expansion: connecting a network operator's own network to DB's fibre optic network can be done with little civil engineering work, which is usually the main cost driver. The cable troughs in which DB's fibre optic cables are located run along the rail tracks and allow easy access without separate civil engineering work.
A large number of railway stations in currently underserved regions are also already connected to DB's fibre optic network. Here, connection opportunities are available via existing telecommunications infrastructures. Construction costs for the connection to the DB network can be partially eliminated.

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How far does the Deutsche Bahn network reach?

DB's fibre optic network is geographically unique. Because it runs along the railway lines, it covers the whole of Germany and reaches even the most remote regions. Numerous cities, municipalities and commercial areas can thus be supplied with bandwidth.
Customers can request the exact route of the fibre optic cables and the free capacities in the network from DB broadband.

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Are there any plans to expand Deutsche Bahn's fibre-optic network?

DB will equip its entire rail network with fibre optic cables, i.e. around 33,400 km. So far, DB has already rolled out more than 20,000 km of fibre. By 2023, an additional 3,300 km are to be laid in the company's own expansion. Of the remaining routes, some run parallel and can therefore be supplied via a common cable. The expansion of the remaining 8,200 km of cable is to be accelerated with the help of expansion partners.

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Who are DB broadband's customers?

DB broadband GmbH's offer is aimed at all telecommunications companies. In addition to large mobile communications companies and national carriers, DB broadband's customers also include regional carriers and city utilities.

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