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Going faster and further.

The industry is driving the expansion of fibre optic networks with modern solutions and innovative ideas.

Repeaters along railway lines

Making sure data arrives safely. When transmitted over long distances, data can run out of steam. To prevent this from happening, we use repeaters. Repeaters, which strengthen or retransmit optical signals, are installed roughly every 80 km along the route, ensuring that the signal is just as strong when data reaches its destination as it was at the start. We are currently piloting the solution with individual customers. Please contact us if you are interested in our repeater solution.

The internet that travels with you: WIFI@DB

Log in just once and surf for free at stations and on trains all day long. Stay online even when you change trains. Already available on all ICE trains, at over 100 stations, in all DB Lounges and on some regional trains and buses. WIFI@DB is constantly growing.
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We are working on the 5G Master Plan

With our Rail Connectivity Master Plan, we are working with DB to implement the coverage requirements for mobile communications companies. We're equipping rail infrastructure and trains for 5G, and public mobile operators are taking care of the network coverage along railway lines, including in tunnels. This means that all DB passengers will be able to enjoy uninterrupted phone calls and stable internet access.

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