First balance: We have arrived in the market.

Article: First balance: We have arrived in the market.

With the fibre optic network of more than 20,000 km, which will be expanded to around 33,400 km by 2027, we offer real added value for the industry and have thus now become an important partner in fibre optic expansion.

This is confirmed by our projects. The telecommunications provider bisping&bisping, for example, was able to
recently laid the foundation stone for the supply of 1,500 households with fast internet by connecting them to the DB network. We even managed to complete the project much faster than originally agreed. This is just one of many projects since our founding at the end of 2019. Dr. Christian Humpert, our CEO, takes initial stock of the project assessment: "DB broadband's offer has been accepted. Since its foundation, we have been able to win many partners and successfully implement various projects. In addition, in recent months we have concluded framework agreements with all the major with all the major German telecommunications providers. Even partners in neighbouring countries rely on our infrastructure for their market access in Germany. The continuous expansion of our fibre-optic infrastructure also creates further added value and enables our partners to use our to take our expansion routes into account in their network planning at an early stage. So we look forward to continuing to drive fibre roll-out in the future with our unique network footprint."