DB broadband installs first repeater for PŸUR Business

Article: DB broadband installs first repeater for PŸUR Business

Repeaters are used for fibre-optic links of approx. 80 km or more in order to amplify or regenerate the dropping optical signals. This ensures stable data transmission.

In a joint pilot project, DB broadband has for the first time commissioned a repeater site for PŸUR Business to operate the customer-side system technology on railway property.

PŸUR Business is part of Tele Columbus AG, one of the leading fibre-optic network operators in Germany. Under the PŸUR Business brand, digital business solutions are offered on the basis of its own fibre-optic infrastructure.

PŸUR Business (formerly HL komm) has already been a customer of DB broadband since the beginning of 2020 and now leases several hundred kilometres of dark fibre. The nationwide telecommunications provider is reinforcing its own infrastructure with DB's fibre.

The outdoor housing installed for the customer was erected directly on the DB property boundary. This brings various advantages for the customer of DB broadband. Among other things, it ensures a high level of security for the technical installations. This is because the areas along the tracks are part of the critical infrastructure, for which the highest safety standards apply. In addition, the position at the property boundary enables optimal access for the customer. PŸUR Business can access the outdoor housing and thus its own system technology for amplifying the optical signals at any time via its own lock, without having to enter the DB property. This is because, due to the security classification, this is only possible with permission and under escort.

Heating and air-conditioning of the site ensure optimal environmental conditions for the repeater technology. In addition to the supply with a power connection (incl. meter), a working socket and a working light are available for good working conditions at night. In addition, an IoT module for monitoring and transmitting alarms (door contacts, air conditioning, temperature, etc.) to a 24/7 manned fault reporting centre is included in the scope of services.

DB broadband is using the findings from the pilot project with PŸUR Business to expand its dark fibre offering with a standardised product for the customer's own operation of repeater technology and thus optimise the overall offering for its customers.